Matthew Levi Stevens

MLS 2015

Matthew Levi Stevens is a published author, occultural commentator, and Enochian & Hermetic magical practitioner.

His published works include The Magical Universe of William S. Burroughs (Mandrake of Oxford, 2014), in collaboration with C. J. Bradbury Robinson, A Way With Words (WhollyBooks, 2013), and A Moving Target: Encounters with William Burroughs (Beat Scene Press, 2012.)

For more information about The Magical Universe of William S. Burroughs, and details of availability, please see:

He has recently contributed to Furfur, the supplement to the newly revised & expanded edition of David Keenan’s England’s Hidden Reverse (Strange Attractor, 2016), and also the anthologies CUT-UP! (ed. Ambrose & Hitchin, Oneiros, 2013), Academy 23 (WhollyBooks, 2012), and Occult Traditions (ed. Lycourinos, Numen, 2011.)

His work has appeared in a number of print and online journals, including Beatdom, Beat Scene, The Cauldron, Chaosphere, EsotericanaThe Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Online Archive, The Modern Review, New Dawn, Reality Sandwich, Reality Studio, and Wiccan Rede.

For an examination of – some of ! – the background that led to where he is now, read the in-depth interview that Revel Keats Rosz conducted with Matthew for Esotericana

He has spoken at The Atlantis Bookshop (London), Bath Omphalos, Cafe Oto (London), Festival of the Beats 2014 (Ipswich), FINAL ACADEMY/2012, The Horse Hospital (London), The Globe (Hay-on-Wye), The Occult Conference (Glastonbury), and Treadwell’s (London), as well as appearing on podcasts for Words On Top, Thelema NOW!, and Secret Chiefs.

He may be contacted via