Emma Doeve


Emma Doeve is an independent esoteric scholar, published essayist, and Enochian & Hermetic magical practitioner.

She is also a fine artist & illustrator. A selection of her work may be viewed online at Salon Arcano:


[ A further Gallery of her images will be added to WhollyBooks in due course ]

Her work has appeared in the anthologies Women of Babalon (ed. Linden, Black Moon Publishing, 2015) and Academy 23 (WhollyBooks, 2012.)

For more information about Women of Babalon, and details of availability, please see: http://blackmoonpublishing.com/webstore/women-babalon.html

Her work has also appeared in various print and online journals, including ChaosphereNew DawnPatheos, Temple of Nuit-Isis, and Wiccan Rede.

A recent example of her work as it pertains to the Babalon Current can be read here: http://wiccanrede.org/2016/04/the-coming-forth-of-babalon/

She has spoken at Bath Omphalos, FINAL ACADEMY/2012, The Horse Hospital (London), The Globe (Hay-on-Wye), The Occult Conference (Glastonbury), and Treadwell’s (London), as well as appearing on the podcast Words On Top.

She may be contacted via emma-wholly-books@hotmail.co.uk