Victor Benjamin Neuburg Argenteum Astrum Ordo Templi Orientis Frater Lampada Tradam Omnia Vincam Aleister Crowley

Victor Benjamin Neuburg 

(6th May 1883 – 31st May 1940)

Victor Neuburg was friends with Austin Spare for over thirty years and the plan at one point was that Spare would create illustrations to a selection of Neuburg’s poems. Nothing came of it, alas, because Neuburg died before much could be done.

AOS SelfieAustin Osman Spare
(30th December 1886 – 15th May 1956)

They’d met through Aleister Crowley. At the time both were members of the A.’. A.’., and Neuburg dedicated a couple of poems to Spare which appeared in the same issue of The Equinox as some automatic drawings by Spare. They lost touch but were later re-introduced by the poet Vera Wainwright.

A.'.A.'. certificate

Their association with Crowley were not positive. AOS soon came to detest Crowley, calling him “a poseur, exhibitionist and a buffoon who paraded himself dressed like a male-prostitute.” For Neuburg, his involvement with Crowley was more disastrous. Jean Overton-Fuller writes in The Magical Dilemma of Victor Neuburg that:

“Victor … did have a feeling that a deep profanation of the mysteries had taken place, and it worried him that he could never put his finger on the point at which things had gone wrong with Crowley before he met him, and that the elements which later made his personality so monstrous were there from the beginning only Victor did not at the beginning perceive them.”

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