“I met a dreamer from the land of Albion . . .”

superhenge 2

I met a dreamer from the land of Albion and this was what he told me:

“I saw a shaven-headed, robed priest standing over a shallow, wide bowl of some lustrous beaten metal, spread low in front of him, filled with water, glinting by torchlight. He spread his hands, making fulsome incantations as he passed them back-and-forth across the brazen vessel – his voice likewise, as the Words of Power ascended and descended the scale from sonorous to guttural and back again. Somehow, with an almost imperceptible turn of the wrist he managed to prick the thumb of his left hand and, as he did so, squeezed out thick, heavy drops of dark blood that he scattered across the surface of the water. At the same time – and with his other hand, the right – he drizzled a thin stream of green-golden oil1 from a delicate alabaster vessel that he had produced from deep within the folds of his robe . . .

“The two fluids overlap, intersect and collide as they trace strange diagrams across the surface of the water, and then sink slowly below. In his attempts to read them, he pictures to himself with some other sense-that-is-not-sight the veins and arteries coursing through the body of The Great Dragon. In doing so, he knows that he has scried the Life Lines of the Land, and also how they must be marked and honoured. The stones will be laid in such formation as to honour the waxing and waning of the Great Moon Mother – marker of the mysteries of woman’s cycles of fertility, also echoing the horns of the cattle2 sacred to Her – as we do when we raise our arms in salute of these Powers . . .”

auroch skull found in Britain

Then the Dream was gone, buried with the Rising of the Sun.


  1. At this time, olive oil would have been presumably a rare and precious commodity – having to come all the way from the Mediterranean – thereby making its sacrifice all the more valuable (along with the priest’s own blood) in the hope of receiving the gift of Vision by exchange.
  2. A species of wild cattle called aurochs roamed Britain more than 7,500 years ago. Fully grown, they stood 6ft at the shoulder and became extinct in the UK around 4,000 years ago.

auroch 2

7th September 2015 – Breaking News:

“Stone monoliths found buried near Stonehenge could have been part of the largest Neolithic monument built in Britain, archaeologists believe.

“The 4,500-year-old stones, some measuring 15ft (4.5m) in length, were discovered under 3ft of earth at Durrington Walls ‘superhenge’.

“The monument was on ‘an extraordinary scale’ and unique, researchers said.”


Curiously, whereas most of the well-known monolithic sites (such as Avebury, Callanish, and Stonehenge) are clearly arranged in circles, it would appear that, before being deliberately toppled and buried, the stones at this newly-discovered site were arranged in a crescent . . .

For the full story, see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-34156673

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