Early Work & Forthcoming



searching - Copy



P1020186 - Copy

Soul-to-Soul: BLACK SUN Contemplation . . .

Black Sun, The Sending Forth...

Smouldering Building

img073 - Copy

She Travels The Curvature of Time

Due to a variety of circumstances – some unforeseen and beyond our control – a number of WhollyBooks and related projects were held up and / or put back over the last few months – but as we begin the Seasonal turn towards the End of the Year, a number of these are at last either being finalised, or re-scheduled as we look toward 2014 . . .

After the recent completion of A Way With Words and our contributions for the forthcoming journal The Thirteenth Path, next in line is the long-intended Grimoire, A K E P H A L O S . Inspired by the world of the Graeco-Egyptian Magical Papryi, this will be produced in collaboration with Aeon Sophia Press. In the meantime, while the finishing touches are being put to the material for this, I have also begun to look over a wider range of my visual material, with a view to preparing a showcase for release early in 2014.

Reclining, Shadow 2


073 - Copy - Copy (3)

Flying Forth...

I have decided to share this Gallery of artwork here, and over the coming weeks will be adding to it gradually, including representations of early work, and on-going developments in a range of different media.

This is only a first selection. Further images, and occasional relevant details, will be added as I go along.

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3 Responses to Early Work & Forthcoming

  1. Beautiful artwork Emma, truly inspired !

  2. whollybooks says:

    Thank You, Matt – that’s saying something, coming from someone with an eye and imagination like yours!

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