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[ Just a quick round-up of what some of our friends, contacts, and occasional collaborators are up to… ]


A copy of John Power’s memoir Madaece arrived at the start of the week. Collecting together a story which had first appeared in episodic form in the Beat journal Global Tapestry, Madaece is a colourful, highly personal and lively account of John’s Journey along the twin – and often intertwining – Paths of Art and Magick:

“From Beat Zen to Yoga with an Underground Mystical Scene Magazine and its Friday night Moots, with Yogis, Yoginis and Magicians the trail led to finding adepts in India who became his teachers of Astrology, Tantrika and Aleister  Crowley’s Magick.  Pretty soon the characters of legend and their friends became acquaintances as Art and Magick became his life in the Counterculture.”

Congratulations, John – and Thank You so much for the copy you sent us (not to mention the crafty mention contained therein!) “Any resemblances between characters in this book and anyone living or dead goes to show you how many amazing coincidences there are, doesn’t it man?!” indeed

Published by Phoenix of Chelmsford. £5 from madaece21@talktalk.net

.    .    .    .

Johan Boomsma and Aeon Sophia Press: full steam ahead with the latest releases, and preparing Angela Edwards’ new book, The Scarlet Queen. He writes: “Aeon Sophia Press books are now also available via Edge of the Circle Books in Seattle USA! Copies of ‘Tantric Brute Grimoire’ [Angela Edwards – her first book, still available] ‘Whisperings from the Void’ [Patrick J. Larabee] and ‘Qliphoth Opus II’ are now in store. In the next weeks I will be sending ‘Black Magic Evocation’ [G. De Laval] and ‘Via Siniestra’ [Edgar Kerval] too. It’s so great to see the support I get for Aeon Sophia Press. I’m very thankful!!”

Aeon Sophia Press

We are particularly looking forward to developments with the new Grimoire series… (watch this space!)

For more details, see: http://www.aeonsophiapress.com/storepage1293614.aspx

.    .    .    .

Jerome V. Poynton & Leslie Winer are currently co-editing a comprehensive collection of the works of Herbert E. Huncke.

HH notebook

We recently got an update from Leslie that read, in part, as follows:

“Someday you’re going to have to apologize for knowing someone like me.” – Herbert E. Huncke

The first volume – entitled ‘Huncke’s Ching’ – is a collection of both the previously published out-of-print & additional newly-found archival material. The Stories.

A second volume – ‘Herbert Huncke Collected Letters’ – will follow. The Letters.

‘Guilty of Everything’ will be re-edited & re-released at a later date.

.    .    .    .

Lastly, we also received last week a copy of the CD ‘Big City Dilemma’ by Jeremy Reed & The Ginger Light.  The debut album release from poet Jeremy and his collaborator Gerry (aka Itchy Ear) is perhaps best summed up in the words of journalist Caroline Simpson from the liner notes:

“The Ginger Light is the musical collaboration between the acclaimed poet and author Jeremy Reed and the musician and producer Itchy Ear. Together they create a performance dynamic unparalleled in British poetry and an excitement usually only generated by pop. The Ginger Light is an attempt to blur the boundaries that exist between spoken word, music, sound design and song…”

A fabulous collection of 16 atmospheric, dub-inflected, groove driven songs, from the infectious ‘Picadilly Bongo’ to the melancholy reading of Rimbaud’s ‘Sleeper In The Valley’ – my one personal regret is that it doesn’t include the excellent early ‘Ways To Write A Poem’ [ although this can still be heard on their SoundCloud page here: http://soundcloud.com/ginger-light/ways-to-write-a-poem-jeremy ], but the album celebrates its colourful cast of outcasts, outlaws & outsiders: cross-dressers, drug-dealers, hustlers, painters, poets, shoplifters, and streetwalkers, for whom drugs, lipstick & nail-polish are as essential to their “West End Survival Kit” as love & poetry.

“To risk it All is everything…”


See their website for more information, including details of availability:

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