So this morning we have collected the first batch from the printers, and are preparing to update our mail-order details…

In the meantime, here is a first glimpse at our ‘unofficial’ tribute to William S. Burroughs & The Final Academy. Writing a review of ‘Rub Out The Words: The Letters of William S. Burroughs 1959-1974’ for Beatdom earlier this year, I was inspired by the following comment, with regard to both title AND timing:

“Have finished the book of essays and interviews entitled Academy 23…”

– William S. Burroughs, letter to Brion Gysin, October 17th 1968

Speaking of correspondence, in a subsequent email to his initial endorsement, The Final Academy‘s original prime mover Genesis P-Orridge wrote to us of the significance of such counter-cultural artifacts:

Dearest Matthew,
Thank YOU for such a kind letter. So often my concepts and contributions to various momeants of culture are excised or forgotten so it’s nice to find people who remember. It was my hope back in 1982 to inspire more Final Academies of varying complexities. A contradiction in terms of the title maybe, but as T.I.M.E. is so paradoxical,so perhaps it becomes more precise by default..?
We would love a copy of the book for my ongoing archives…  Sadly when Scotland Yard seized two Tunnes of my “Archive One” they took the only reels of documentary footage of the F.A. Derek Jarman was my cameraman and the focus of the film was Burroughs & Gysin. Apart from a short movie taken from what was to be my documentary of the events known as “PIRATES” all the other material was taken and as far as we know, destroyed by Scotland Yard and the Establishment.! A travesty and a tragedy. All are dead now except my SELF so it is totally irreplaceable. Potentially a priceless film lost forever.
This is why its so important to preserve what we all can of these special celebrations. The loss of my documentary shows how fragile the story of our alternative cultures can be… This is why books, dvds, and other documentation are so important. By creating multiple zones of alternative ways of perception and living, we ensure a higher chance of their being actively usefull to future generations. If a central HQ is obliterated one way or another, the essential ideas remain.
Best wishes with all you do and for all your future manifestations..
cari saluti,

In addition to the above, we have just this morning received the following promo image from Mr. Joe Ambrose, who as well as being a contributor to Academy 23 is organising the event FINAL ACADEMY / 2012 @ The Horse Hospital, Bloomsbury, London.

For more details (including tickets) please see:

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